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Peter Abt edTech

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What I Offer

Apple Professional Learning offerings include comprehensive resources and services to help build foundational skills with Apple products and integrate them into learning, so teachers can create innovative instruction that engages students more deeply.

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Foudation Workshops

Build basic knowledge, skills and confidence of teachers in the use of Apple technology.

Leadership and Planning

Support leadership to develop a shared vision, set goals, build capacity and develop your school culture

Coaching and Mentoring

Work with educators to develop personalised professional learning plans based on continual, active and reflective coaching cycles.

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My Goal

To inspire, support and empower teachers to incorporate Apple technology into the classroom.

Peter Abt edTech

Peter is passionate about teaching with mobile devices and believes that they can transform learning across the curriculum. He has worked as a Digital Technology and STEAM Specialist on a diverse range of creative projects including Sphero, Coding, Stop Motion animation and Minecraft. As an eLearning Coach he has worked with a range of schools to integrate technologies into the classroom.

He is a registered teacher with over 30 years experience in education and is the creator of Teaching with the iPad website and YouTube channel.

He has spoken at a number of conferences including EduTECH Australia, i-Educate (Brisbane) and TECHpalooza (Gold Coast) and ISTE (Philadelphia).

Peter is a teacher ambassador for Apple, Sphero, Book Creator and Seesaw. In 2022 he was awarded the Peter Doherty Award for teaching excellence in STEM. Peter currently works at a school as an eLearning Coach / STEAM specialist on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

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Let's talk

Feel free to contact me to arrange a free consultation.

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Note - Peter is only available on Mondays for 2023 servicing the Sunshine Coast area.


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